Our Partners

It is with the support and assistance of these organizations that Caring Angels, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been given the ability to grow and reach as many as we can in need. We extend our utmost gratitude to our donors and look forward to our next collaboration.

Serve Our Willing Warriors (SOWW)


Finding a partner in Serve Our Willing Warriors has been a true blessing. SOWW’s mission is to provide support to our nation’s warriors and their families during their recovery and reacclimation process by organizing and hosting peaceful retreats for them to begin to rebuild. Providing Therapy and Service dogs to our soldiers was the bedrock of Caring Angels’ creation, and we are continuously looking for new ways to expand our outreach to a wider community. Serve Our Willing Warriors has welcomed our service and therapy dogs into their community, helping us reach soldiers in need.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training


Sit Means Sit has been a loyal friend and partner to Caring Angels since we began. The largest dog training company in the U.S., Sit Means Sit provides excellent and humane training for dogs of all ages and temperaments. While living in Las Vegas, our future founder Sonny Madsen began dog training with Sit Means Sit. She would move on to open the Sit Means Sit training center in Northern Virginia. After placing a few Service Dogs with veteran companions, Sonny formed the nonprofit Caring Angels to provide aid and relief to as many in our community as possible. Our supporter from the start, Sit Means Sit continues to donate training to our Service and Therapy Dogs and their Handlers.

Hidden Mysteries Farm


Hidden Mysteries Farm specializes in breeding American and European AKC Golden Retrievers and F1 American and European Goldendoodles. With over 35 years of experience, Hidden Mysteries Farm has never had an infraction. Their breeding program ensures the best in health, temperament, and appearance while being affectionately raised in a family environment builds proper socialization. This makes their puppies ideally suited to become exceptional service dogs.

With their spirit of generosity, Hidden Mysteries Farm has donated 6 marvelous members to our Caring Angels Service Dog Team. Their skills aid many including our soldiers, children with special needs, and survivors of domestic violence. Having a partner in Hidden Mysteries is a true blessing, and we cannot express the joy it is to collaberate with them.

Staples Mill Animal Hospital


Staples Mill Animal Hospital is a valued and generous contributor to Caring Angels. The health and well-being of our dogs is of indescribable importance to us. One of the many reasons dogs make such effective aids for therapy, is the natural bond of affection between an individual their animal companion. As supporters of our cause and mission, the doctors and staff of Staples Mill continue to donate their time and expertise to the four-legged members of our team. As fellow local businesses and animal enthusiasts, their continued support means a great deal and is appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.

The Grand Lodge of Virginia: Cherrydale Lodge No. 42


In Recognition of Outstanding Service to the Community, This Award is Given and Heartfealt Gratitude is Expressed For Significant Efforts Toward Making the Community A Better Place in Which to Live
– Community Builders Award 2016

Caring Angels has been so humbled to be the recipient of the Community Builders Award, given to us by Cherrydale Lodge No. 42. To be recognized in such a way has been an honor we hadn’t forseen. Their support has enabled us to spread our message to a wider community, where we will continue to embody the spirit in which the award was given.

The Centreville Moose Lodge


The Centreville Moose has a long and distinguished history of donating and volunteering in our community. For Caring Angels, they have been a fun and generous partner. They are extremely engaged in their community, organizing a myriad of events from INOVA blood drives and road clean-up’s to bowling leagues and Karaoke nights. For every accomplishment made together as well as their compassionate spirit, we thank the men and women of Centreville Moose Lodge.



To receive the donations and support of local businesses is a most special thing for Caring Angels. It is an honor to be recognized by another business and so rewarding to see our cause has touched those in our larger community as a whole. Orvis was one of the first local businesses to recognize the work and effort of Caring Angels. We continue to partner with Orvis in parades and community activites, helping each other to give back to the community.