K-9 Caring Angels

Our dedicated team consists of Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs, and Handlers. Both canine and trainer work hard to earn each of their certifications so that they can give their best service to the community.

Caring Angels

K-9 Caring Angels mission is to provide service, therapy, and comfort to the community through our well trained and rigorously tested Service, Therapy, and Comfort Canines. Our organization includes dedicated Therapy Teams, Trainers, Fosters, and Volunteers who are integral in taking a canine with great potential and molding that potential into a happy, focused and obedient dog who is ready and eagar to serve groups and individuals within the community. Once their potential is realized, our canines are ready to serve in a broad spectrum of roles with children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, soldiers, or anyone with additional needs. Wherever our services are required, Caring Angels will be there ready to serve.

Warriors Angel

The Warriors Angels are the service dog arm of Caring Angels. We chose the word “Warrior” because a warrior is a fighter who fights the good fight and is valient in the face of hardship. While warriors can stand alone, they are stronger with their brothers and sisters in arms beside them. In this spirit, much like a guardian angel, our Warrior’s Angels stand by their side, offering support and unwavering loyalty. Our soldiers protect and serve our country, but sometimes that comes at a great personal cost. With one of our Angels by their side, our fighters can regain the joy, confidence and serenity they deserve for their selfless service. Fighters aren’t only our American soldiers. These brave souls are victims fighting back to regain the joy and confidence they once enjoyed and special needs children fighting to overcome the unique challenges they face in everyday life.

Arch Angels

The Arch Angels are truly the best of the best! This designation goes only to our dogs that have completed more than 200 hours of loyal and faithful service for the Caring Angels and their community. Handler and dog are a team, and as such they must be able to show complete control both on and off leash, in any situation. They train and test together so both handlers and cainine companions are experts equally. The Arch Angel teams have gone above and beyond in serving our communities, often times creating unique or specialized programs for organizations in need.

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WVDM: K-9 Caring Angels Dirty Dogger Race!

k-9 Caring Angels and Thier owners race for a good cause.

Meet the therapy dog keeping stress at bay in Fairfax County

He is not like the firefighters. For one, he has four legs. For two, he’s an 11-month-old Goldendoodle and a certified therapy dog.

His name is Wally, and he is the only full-time certified therapy dog to live full-time in a firehouse in the country. Specifically, Wally lives Fairview Fire Station 32.

Featured in All Hands: Magazine of the U.S. Navy

For the Caring Angels, some of our most fulfilling work is with our veterans. After serving their country, we believe our soldiers should receive compassionate and effective assistance in returning to civilian life.

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Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Charlotte Oliver

"DD is just one of more than a dozen dogs the Madsens have placed with veterans, and Sonny said this is only the beginning..."

Excerpt from - All Hands: Magazine of the U.S. Navy

Eaan Green

"Service dogs like DD serves more than just their owners; they have the ability to add a new freshness and brightness to the workplace."

Former rescue swimmer - U.S. Navy

Sun Kang

"Since starting with Sit Means Sit Dog Training, I have been told multiple times by various trainers and existing Caring Angels how great of a therapy dog Sofia would be. On our first hospital visit, it all came together; I finally saw how amazing Sofia is serving the community and being able to bring happiness to others. All of the hard work for Sofia to become a well behaved dog and the knowledge I have gained in how to handle her has come to fruition."

Caring Angels - Trainer

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