Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide highly trained, affectionate, and caring dogs of all types that share their loving paws and happy tails with people in need.

All our handlers are volunteers dedicated to their canine companions with a calling to give back to our community. We continue to discover opportunities in which our dogs can make a difference.

Our Therapy Dogs work in assisted living facilities, hospice, fire stations, with children and young adults of all ages from kindergarten dog safety classes to collegians in the midst of midterms and finals whenever and wherever we are called to help we try to make our busy volunteers available.


"We love having visits in my class from Caring Angels dogs and owners! Being around these wonderful animals is helping my students conquer fears and learn to love our 4-legged friends!”

— Michele Ingram, Volunteer


Community: The love between handler and dog is strong, however we all feel that the greatest reward is the aid and service we bring to the public. As we grow, we have been able to expand our organization, furthering our community outreach.

Veterans: After serving their country, we believe our soldiers should receive compassionate and effective assistance in returning to civilian life. Service dogs can not only bring emotional comfort, but are trained to aid in practical day-to-day mobility assistance for those wounded fighting for us.

Well Being: The immense benefits therapy and service dogs can provide has been one of the driving inspirations of the Caring Angels Organization. A personal mission from the start, our founders' goal is to bring comfort to those in need.

Non-Profit: Caring Angels Therapy Dogs is a 501(c)(3) organization.