HQ: Manassas, VA

The primary headquarters for K-9 Caring Angels located on Godwin Drive in Manassas, VA.


Sonny Madsen: President and Founder

Master Certified Dog Trainer and Owner Operator of the Northern Virginia franchise, And Founder of K-9 Caring Angels Therapy and Service Dogs. An award winning manager and public speaker with an emphasis on sales, training and motivation, I have always felt an internal drive to help people improve their lives.

It is through K-9 Caring Angels that my dreams have started to become a realization. I have the honor of training and certifying our Caring Angles therapy teams which allows us to expand on giving back to the community by taking our pups into different organizations, and teaching dog safety programs. This has allowed us to assist local schools, underprivileged children, toys for tots, nursing homes, juvenile detention centers , local police, fire department, domestic violence programs, human trafficking prevention, counseling organizations, etc.

My ultimate goal is to build the “Warrior Angels project” where families can come to a private facility and stay on location as they learn the proper way to integrate a Service dog into their lives. By offering this option we set the family and the dogs up for optimum success. Statistic show that at least 22 soldiers a day commit suicide and over 40% of those are due to PTSD. I know that we we make a difference, one dog at a time, I’ve seen that first hand. However the objective is that one day we will not be needed. 571-284-9554 or sonny.caringangels@gmail.com


Theodore Madsen: Vice President

Ted Madsen is a professional dog trainer and business owner and the Vice President of K-9 Caring Angels. K-9 Caring Angels is a 501(c)(3) organization doing business as Caring Angels and Warrior’s Angels based in Northern Virginia. As a professional dog trainer and partner in Sit Means Sit Dog Training of Northern Virginia, Ted spends his days working on the business and with dogs and their humans to build stronger bonds and confident, obedient, and happy dogs (and owners). Ted joined his wife Sonny in starting Caring Angels Therapy dogs to give back to the community that has given so much to us and the Warrior’s Angels Service Dogs to help our soldiers and veterans by donating psychiatric service dogs to those with challenges like PTSD and doing our part for those that have given so much to us as Americans.

Before becoming a dog trainer, Ted worked in the corporate world as an executive in the travel and tourism industry with Hilton, Wyndham and Resort Condominiums International (RCI) into 2008 when the economy crashed and the travel and tourism industry faced unfamiliar challenges. Ted then founded Quintessential Consulting Group, a partnership designed to help businesses in the industry through the changing landscape. It was in 2010 that Sonny came to Ted with the idea of starting a dog training business after meeting with the founder of Sit Means Sit, Fred Hassen, in Las Vegas, NV. She thought he would think it was a crazy idea but his support and her drive made it happen and the same is true for K-9 Caring Angels. In 2012 Ted closed up his consulting business to train full time. 703-679-8556 ted.sitmeanssit@gmail.com


Angela Moxley: Trainer


Beth Sloan: Evaluator


Olivia Cassandra: Evaluator

Huntington Beach, CA

Sit Means Sit of Orange County specializes in dog and puppy training for the real world. Our experienced trainers work well with dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and temperaments. Our goal for our clients is to have happy obedient dogs with on and off-leash control around severe distractions.


Cindy Hunt Trainer & Evaluator

Cindy has been working with dogs for over 20 years and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with your dog. Cindy has achieved AKC Champion Titles on 9 dogs and qualified for the AKC National Eukanuba Invitational two years in a row.

She enjoys many dog sports including DockDogs and AKC Conformation. Most recently, Cindy has been competing and titling her dogs, Mick and Ghent and Ezra, in a protection sport called Mondioring.


Whitney Ostrom Trainer & Evaluator

She’s got serious passion for dogs and our clients just rave about her abilities, attitude, and helpfulness.

Her dogs, Gracie and Kane, are amazing! Whitney can be seen all over Orange County showing off their incredible obedience and amusing games and tricks. Whitney is also training her dog Kane in the protection sport of Mondioring.


Riverside, CA

At Sit Means Sit South Orange County, our passion is to develop the relationship between dogs and their families, to allow the most freedom and safety for the dogs and the most peace of mind for the people. We specialize in behavioral challenges such as aggressive dogs, separation anxiety, fear and submission issues, leash reactivity, and high-energy puppies. Our lifetime warranty gives you the certainty that we will meet your dog training goals and our training is guaranteed for the life of your pup!

There’s no dog Sit Means Sit can’t train, from a 2-pound Chihuahua to 180-pound Mastiff. We offer dog training classes and programs that fit any and all dogs…no matter the breed, age, size or personality, we have you covered!


Mackenzie Aeberli Trainer & Evaluator

Mackenzie competed in her first dog show when she was 6 years old. Since then she has made a career out of her passion for training dogs.

She has competed dogs in AKC confirmation, agility, Dockdogs and Mondioring. In addition, Mackenzie has demonstrated at police and military seminars around the country, trained and sold K9s to police departments and placed personal protection dogs in private businesses and homes.

Mackenzie has been involved with Sit Means Sit for over 8 years and loves to give people the opportunity to have a better quality of life with their dog!

Boulder, CO

We know that your dog is a part of your family. But being a part of the family means they are expected to be on their best behavior! That’s why we collaborate with you to help your dog become the most confident, positive, and obedient family member that they can be.

Our training programs range from minor dog obedience issues to severe aggressive behaviors. By offering puppy training beginning at just 8 weeks old, we get to know your dog and their unique needs. If your dog has already had prior training, we can always build on what they already know!

Our dog trainers are here to make you feel comfortable and satisfied with your dog’s training. We invite you to visit our 7400 square foot dog training & boarding facility just off the east side of I-25 and Route 119 in Firestone, CO. And, of course, feel free to contact us for a free dog training evaluation!


Sandy Brady Evaluator & Trainer

As the owner of the Sit Means Sit Longmont-Firestone location, my goal is to help clients enjoy their dogs and have the best possible relationship with them. My life has always been intertwined with dogs since I was a kid. My husband knew he was in trouble when my dad told me at age 18, “when you get your own house, you can have as many dogs as you want…”

I took that to heart, and have always owned multiple dogs of many different breeds and temperaments. My challenge dog came in the form of an American Bulldog, named Roxy, who at the age of two showed us what it’s like to own a dog with genetic based dog aggression. She was sweet as pie to any human, but would be happy to “eat” any dog, especially other females. I was at the crossroads of “do I get rid of this dog?” Or do I “train her?” I met the owner of one of the other SMS locations who also owned an American Bulldog and introduced me to the training style of Sit Means Sit. Immediately, I reached a new level of communication with my dog, and was able to give her a happy, busy life with us for 11 years. She was able to hike, swim, travel & live a pretty normal life for an aggressive dog.

After opening my eyes to the success of Sit Means Sit, I eventually became a certified SMS trainer & eventually a franchise owner. I still own multiple dogs and am able to enjoy many different activities with 4 well trained dogs. I presently own a 3 year old Belgian Malinois, named Neo, a 7 year old Boxer, named Petey, a 5 year old Boxer, named Penny, and a 7 year old Jack Russell/ Border Collie mix named Phlash.

I am able to compete in Dock Dogs, Flyball, and the K-9 Caring Angels Therapy Dog Team, giving all my dogs a job and activities that they enjoy. Personally, I can always have a friend to hike or swim with and enjoy a well behaved companion.


Colorado Springs, CO

We provide exceptional obedience training for puppies and dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments.

Tyler Otwell Caring Angels.jpg

Tyler Otwell Trainer/Evaluator

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Heather Haag-Smith Trainer/Evaluator

Heather has a thing for Corgis. Her sidekick, Effie, packs the most personality into the smallest package.


Pueblo, CO

We offer a lifestyle where you and your dog can share great times together. We offer a FREE consultation to show you the quality of our program. Most of our training programs are unlimited for the lifetime of your dog.

Would you like to be able to take your dog anywhere with confidence, on or off leash? Play with your dog in the Bark Park with out fear of having an out of control dog? Walk along the River Walk with your dog with confidence?


Jori Pollard Trainer & Evaluator

Jori is the proud owner of Sit Means Sit Pueblo. Her dogs are Jed and Scarlett. Jed is a male black lab. He is the leader of Pueblo’s Sit Means Sit dogs. Scarlett is a Belgian Malinois, she loves jumping over obstacles, fetching, and water sports.

Before opening Sit Means Sit Pueblo Jori was a dedicated Emergency Room nurse for 20 years, and she continued to practice until 2015. Her favorite part of training is seeing the relationships grow between the owners and their pets. Jori is a certified evaluator for our K-9 Caring Angels Therapy Dog Team. Her favorite past times are spending time with her family, especially her grandkids, and boating.

Dustin Bradburn.jpeg

Dusten Bradburn Trainer & Evaluator

Dusten has been a trainer with Sit Means Sit Pueblo since August 2016. Prior to training dogs with Sit Means Sit Pueblo he was a Military Working dog handler with the United States Marine Corps stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

His favorite part of working at Sit Means Sit Pueblo is running group classes and challenging dogs and their owners to better themselves. He is currently training his own dog, an Australian Shepard named Caesar. Caesar is a Sit Means Sit demo dog, as well as a part of the K-9 Caring Angels Therapy Dog Team. Dusten is a certified evaluator for our K-9 Caring Angels Therapy Dog Team.


Fairfield, CT & Westchester, NY

Sit Means Sit CT provides in home dog training to Fairfield and Westchester Counties. With hundreds of happy, obedient dogs and hundreds of happy, satisfied owners.

Neil Cohen Caring Angels.jpg

Neil Cohen Trainer & Evaluator

Hello! I’m Neil Cohen, owner of Sit Means Sit Fairfield (covering western Connecticut and Westchester County, N.Y.) and co-owner of Sit Means Sit Miami (our new franchise in South Florida).

Like many in the Sit Means Sit family, I first came to the company as a dog owner seeking help with a “challenging” pet. At the time, I was hours from the nearest Sit Means Sit training center, so I learned what I could from videos and with guidance from Sit Means Sit trainers across the country.

I’d been a successful marketing consultant for years, but after a Sit Means Sit franchise opened less than an hour’s drive from my home, I took a part-time position there to enhance my training skills and help other dog owners reach their goals.

Later, when the franchisee told me he was moving to Los Angeles, I asked about taking over the business. I sold my share of a marketing firm to my ex-partner, bought Sit Means Sit Fairfield, got fully certified as a dog trainer—and couldn’t be happier. (Indeed, a change in my personal life, combined with my love of everything dogs, made it one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve ever made!) Now, only a few years later, I’m thrilled to open Sit Means Sit Miami with two of the best trainers in the field.

Sit Means Sit’s unique approach to training, combined with the most innovative training collar on the market, make success simple. My education started by moving to Nevada and logging over 200 hours of hands-on training, working at the Sit Means Sit Headquarters in Las Vegas and the Henderson Animal Shelter. Additionally, each year I spend over 80 hrs on continuing education with some of the best trainers and educators in the world.

When I’m not training other people’s dogs, I spend time with my two kids and work with my three pooches, Cody (an nine-year-old boxer), Sarge (a four-year-old cattle dog) and Pepper (a two-year-old border collie). I’d love to show you how well they’ve taken to the Sit Means Sit program—and how your dog will too!

Bonita Springs, FL

Sit Means Sit of SWFL provides professional puppy and dog training in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, and all surrounding areas in Southwest Florida. We have a variety of dog obedience training classes for all types of dogs and their owners. We can handle even the most difficult of situations.


Alexis Foreman Evaluator & Trainer

Alexis Foreman has a multitude of training experience with all breed, ages, and behavioral issues. Receiving her Certificate in Dog Training and Animal Behavior through College. Interning at local shelters and rescues, thereby improving their chances of adoption through her training. Also, Alexis worked closely with an Army Canine Handler for a year on advanced obedience becoming fluent in German Commands. This year Alexis continues her education with Sit Means Sit completing schooling and receiving an additional Certification in Dog Training.

Alexis understands frustrations and problems that many experience with new puppies, misunderstood dogs, and well-behaved dogs that may need basic or advanced obedience. We are confident you will find her an excellent resource to excel your dog’s education and unlock its potential!


Palm Beach County, FL

Our Palm Beach Dog Training location provides professional puppy and dog training services for Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Manalapan, Hypoluxo, Lantana, Greenacres , Jupiter and all areas of Palm Beach County.

We offer a variety of programs that will provide you with the professional instruction and guidance that you and your dog need. Your journey toward a more well-behaved and happy dog starts with our FREE evaluation. During this evaluation we will get to know each other’s needs and expectations. Your trainer will describe and show you, how we have successfully trained many dogs with many different types of issues. We have dealt with a wide range of issues, including separation anxiety, aggression, housebreaking, jumping, learning basic and advanced commands. Maybe your dog just needs to listen better to you or understand what “Door Manners” are. Your trainer will then describe each of our available programs so that you can choose the one that fits your needs. Many clients are amazed at the turnaround in behavior that can be accomplished with this training and your help.


Robert Burnell Trainer/Evaluator

Sit Means Sit of Palm Beach County’s Owner/Head Trainer is Bob Burnell. Bob is a graduate of the No Limitations School of Remote Collar Training and the Animal Behavior College. Bob, now retired, has over 17 years experience as a Police Officer.

Bob was a K9 Officer and had served with the N.Y.P.D and a local Law Enforcement agency here in South Florida. Bob was awarded the Commissioner’s Award for highest academic average from the NY Police Academy. Bob has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Hofstra College and has received several awards for academic excellence. Bob is a veteran with the U.S Army and served with the 82nd Airborne and overseas with a Pershing Nuclear Missile unit

Bob has over 20 years of experience in training dogs. This started long ago while living in Long Island NY where he enrolled in a Shelter Dog training program at the North Shore Animal League under noted author and trainer- Brian Kilcommons. Bob has continued his dog training education through numerous seminars taught by some of the worlds leading trainers- Balabanov, Hassen, Bellon and Hodges. Learning about dog training is a lifelong commitment and passion.

Bob is also a Certified Master Instructor for Pet First Aid & CPR through Pet Tech. Bob has been an instructor at various Police K9 workshops and was an instructor at Law Dog, Las Vegas, where he taught basic K9 First Aid to attendees.

Lori Shepherd.jpg

Lori Shepherd Evaluator

Lori started as a handler with K-9 Caring Angels in Manassas, VA as a client and handler before becoming an evaluator ahead of her move to Florida where she can continue to spread the joy that Therapy Dogs can provide while working to grow the number of K-9 Caring Angels working!

Saint Petersburg, FL

We Can Help You Gain Control With Confidence, Giving You The Freedom To Enjoy Your Pets Companionship ANYWHERE.


Christina Roussell Trainer/Evaluator

Hello my name is Christina I am the Business owner for the Sit Means Sit North Pinellas Franchise location.

I started off as a client who was looking to do more with my dog but lacked the knowledge to advance my training. I wanted a well behaved dog I could take everywhere with me.

With the Sit Means Sit system I got all of that plus more. I loved the bond and relationship I was able to get with my dog using the training system, I decided to change my career path to peruse and help others have the same relationship with their dogs.

I have been training dogs for over Four years now. My four legged family is Scarlet(pictured) Belgain Malinois, Rogue-Belgian Malinois, Rajah-Belgian Malinois and Edge Staffordshire Terrier mix Rescue.

Janine Lyman

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Annapolis, MD

Sit Means Sit Annapolis has been helping dogs and their owners in all of the Greater Annapolis Area since 2012.

We customize dog training programs specific to the needs of each dogs and goals of each individual family.

We offer puppy packages, basic obedience, behavior modification for aggression/fearful dogs, advanced obedience, and CGC & therapy dog certifications.

Our training classes are designed to successfully maximize your dog’s potential and achieve a more fulfilling dog and owner relationship. Call us today to get started with your initial training consultation for your dog!

Shantelle Nease Caring Angels.jpg

Shantelle Nease

Shantelle is the owner and head trainer for Sit Means Sit Annapolis, MD. She has been exclusively training dogs since Sit Means Sit Annapolis opened in 2012. She has been married to Michael since 2012 as well.

Shantelle works well in explaining the path of dog training to her clients helping to give them a better understand of their dog. Her philosophy is that training can create a better quality of life for the dog which will results in a better relationship with the owner.

Shantelle works in our office most days but also loves working with puppies, rescues and specifically our Therapy Dog Team. Shantelle is our certified CGC evaluator as well as our Certified Therapy Dog evaluator. Shantelle has successfully certified her own personal working dog “Clutch” into therapy dog work. Clutch also loves performing for a crowd, showing off his skateboarding abilities, bouncing off walls and other show stopper tricks. Shantelle is a mother of two young children who she strives to teach the responsibilities of caring and training for dogs everyday.

La Plata, MD

Sit Means Sit Charles County is a Veteran owned local business offering dog obedience training in Southern Maryland. Lance, our Head Trainer and Owner, began his dog training career in the United States Air Force where he was a Trainer for the elite Presidential K-9 Unit at Andrews Air Force Base.

Since then, Lance has put together a group of determined dog training professionals dedicated to helping you solve simple to complex dog problems from puppy potty training to dog obedience training to advanced specialty dog training programs. Our trainers have what it takes to help you with your best friend.

We are proficient in all aspects of training although we primarily do marker training we are experts in leash & collar, clicker, and other forms of training.

Sarah Edge Vallieres Caring Angels.jpg

Sarah Vallieres Evaluator & Trainer

Sarah Vallieres comes to Sit Means Sit with a BA degree in biology from Hartwick University and after spending time training dogs for multiple local dog training companies to include big name chain pet stores she has made Sit Means Sit her home. Sarah has had a love for animals for many years as she has also worked in animal hospitals and veterinary clinics around the local area. Sarah is a well-rounded trainer that has participated in disc dogs, tracking, trieball, and enjoys teaching and learning as much as she can about canine behavior. Sarah is a hard working enthusiastic trainer that wants to help you reach your training goals and help your good dog get better or your bad dog become good.


Monroe, MI

We offer the training in 3 different ways to meet the goals you have in the training, while fitting the needs of your dog. We offer basic and advanced obedience, address any behavioral issues and behavioral modification.

We work with any breed at any age. We train the dogs & coach the owners.

Mark Allen Caring Angels.jpg

MArk Allen Evaluator & Trainer

My relationship with Sit Means Sit started when I became a client in 2011. I was so impressed with the speed and quality of the training I decided to leave the trade I had known for 24 years and get into training full time.

I acquired the Monroe County and surrounding area starting Sit Means Sit of SE Michigan in April 2012

I have had dogs all my life and could get them to do some simple commands, however, I could never really get them to listen when I needed them to the most. Especially outside, or when distractions were involved.

The great thing about the training is that it is attention based. I have my dogs attention. I can trust that my dog is going to listen to me under any distractions. The quality of life we share is so much greater.

My dogs have freedom through obedience and yours can to.

Ryan Obrien Caring Angels.jpg

Ryan O'Brien Evaluator & Trainer

I love working with animals. I grew up with dogs and now have 3 of my own. I might not be able to speak to them but we understand each other and have the best relationship.

What made me become a dog trainer was the bond that I have with my dogs.

I want every dog owner to experience that blissful feeling and enjoy life with their furry friends as much as I do. I want people to be able to trust their dog, and for their dog to trust them.

Las Vegas, NV

Our mission is “Revolutionizing the quality of life with happy, obedient and confident dogs.” Our philosophy is to build and nurture the relationship with your dog through the development of a stronger bond and increase trust between the two of you. We offer Private Lessons, Board and Train Programs, and Day Training along with Group Classes. Group Classes give you the opportunity to stay fresh and sharp with your training skills. Whether you have a new puppy, new rescued dog, or an older dog, WE have a Program for YOU.

linda-slates Caring Angels.jpg

Linda Slates Evaluator & Trainer

Hi, I am Linda Slates. I manage the office and help Don with training and do most of the Home Consultations. As Don got busier with training dogs, I stepped in to help and became his “Girl Friday”. I don’t remember a time when I was without a pet at my side so it has been a lot of fun meeting new people and loving all the pups going in and out of our home.

Toledo, OH

We provide programs that will build obedience, confidence and manners in your dog. Making it fun for you and your dog!

Does your dog jump on people, pull on the leash when you walk, bark excessively or run away? No matter what challenge you face with your dog we can help. We deliver a high level of obedience training that results in a happy, confident and obedient dog as well as a happy, confident and satisfied owner.

We have a variety of programs available to meet every lifestyle. Which program is right for you? It depends on you, your goals, and your dog.

Kristin West-Hamilton Caring Angels.jpg

Kristin West-Hamilton Evaluator & Trainer

Kristen and her husband, Chris Hamilton, started as clients with Greta when she was 4 months old. Experiencing the control and happiness she achieved with Greta it gave her the desire to bring that to other dog owners. They decided to buy the Sit Means Sit area that served NW Ohio in the summer of 2016 bringing Sit Means Sit of Toledo to NW Ohio!

Kristen has shared her experience of training with dogs of different breeds, ages, and temperaments. Giving families and individuals a well manners dog inside and outside of the home. She has since become a certified K-9 Caring Angels of Toledo Instructor & Evaluator! Kristen has also brought her experience to the local rescues. Becoming a foster to provide training to the dogs that have challenges that needed to be overcome making them adoptable!

Rhode Island

Whether you’re looking for assistance with basic dog obedience training or require a higher level program, such as aggressive dog training or off-leash control around distractions, we realize that training programs and methods are not one-size-fits-all.

Maggie McDonald Caring Angels.jpg

Maggie McDonald Evaluator & Trainer

Maggie McDonald is the Head Trainer and Owner of Sit Means Sit Rhode Island.

After many years in the social work and events business, she decided to go in to business for herself. After researching many different business opportunities, she decided to open a Sit Means Sit franchise in Rhode Island.

In the end, owning a dog training business allows her to use her social work and event planning skills every day to do something she loves!

She is known in RI as the dog trainer for aggressive dogs as well as dogs in need of general obedience and manners. She works with a wide variety of dogs from Bully breeds, Mastiffs, Shepards, to Labradors, Poodles and MinPins. There is no dog that Maggie will not work with.

She wakes every day knowing that she is helping people in difficult situations by improving their dog’s obedience or resolving anxiety or aggression issues. She has proven that she has found her calling and would love to help you with your dog!

She is also a PetTech instructor for Pet CPR and first aid.

Austin & San Antonio, TX

Tired of your dog running away, fighting with other dogs, chewing your furniture, soiling your carpets, jumping uncontrollably, or nipping at your friends? Sit Means Sit Dog Training Austin & San Antonio can help. You can achieve control of your dog on and off leash while still allowing your dog to “be a dog!” At Sit Means Sit Dog Training Austin & San Antonio, we provide dog obedience training that results in happy, confident and obedient dogs as well as happy, confident and satisfied owners.

Shelly Pifer.jpg

Shelly Pfeifer Evaluator & Trainer

My husband, Troy and I, have owned Sit Means Sit Austin and San Antonio since 2010 and this is the best job ever! We both got into training dogs because we wanted dog owners to enjoy their dogs and be able to take them places with them. It’s no fun leaving them at home. We also wanted to save dogs from being sent to the shelter because of bad behavior.

All dogs are trainable. Some take a little more work then others but they all want to learn! People tend to get frustrated with their dogs because they don’t know what to do or how to help change the behavior. It’s not the dogs fault – they just need to be shown and taught what to do. They want the guidance and structure we can provide for them.

When I was growing up my family never had dogs whereas Troy grew up with them. When him and I got married that was one of the first things we did – we got a dog. We have been married for over 20 years and there has only been 3 years when we didn’t have a dog and that was when we were overseas for Troy’s job. Over the years we have had Newfoundlands and Mastiffs. We are definitely big dog people!

Since day one of owning a dog I have learned so much about dogs and how to care for them and train them. There is still so much to learn. Today we have 3 dogs that are constantly teaching me and challenging me. Joson is our old man and shop dog at 10 years old. He is a shepherd mix. Jezebel is our sweetheart, she is a 7 year old Dutch Shepherd, and then there is Smash. He is a 6 year old Belgian Malinois and if you know Mal’s, well that’s just leave that there!

My dogs are such a huge part of our lives and we want all dog owners to feel the same way!


Rosenberg, TX

Our Mission is to provide highly trained, affectionate, and caring dogs of all types that share their loving paws and happy tails with people in need.

All our handlers are volunteers dedicated to their canine companions with a calling to give back to our community. We continue to discover opportunities in which our dogs can make a difference.

Our Therapy Dogs work in assisted living facilities, hospice, fire stations, with children and young adults of all ages from kindergarten dog safety classes to collegians in the midst of midterms and finals whenever and wherever we are called to help we try to make our busy volunteers available.

David Barnes.jpeg

David Barnes Evaluator & Trainer

David Barnes is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. He has accumulated 15+ years of experience training dogs in Sugar Land and Richmond Texas.

David graduated from the Dog Behavior and Dog Training College in Houston, Texas. He is a member of the A.P.D.T Association of Professional Dog Trainers. David is also Certified in Dog First Aid, C.P.R., and as a Dog Veterinarian Technician. David also finished his certificate training with Fred Hassen at the Las Vegas school for Sit Means Sit main headquarters.

David’s Dog Training results and testimonials speak to his experience and dedication as a trainer. He is an expert in canine body language and energy communication.

David knows that to get great results with any dog one must use clear communication, leadership, and the natural drives and instincts of each individual dog.


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