Monroe, MI

We offer the training in 3 different ways to meet the goals you have in the training, while fitting the needs of your dog. We offer basic and advanced obedience, address any behavioral issues and behavioral modification.

We work with any breed at any age. We train the dogs & coach the owners.

Mark Allen Caring Angels.jpg

MArk Allen Evaluator & Trainer

My relationship with Sit Means Sit started when I became a client in 2011. I was so impressed with the speed and quality of the training I decided to leave the trade I had known for 24 years and get into training full time.

I acquired the Monroe County and surrounding area starting Sit Means Sit of SE Michigan in April 2012

I have had dogs all my life and could get them to do some simple commands, however, I could never really get them to listen when I needed them to the most. Especially outside, or when distractions were involved.

The great thing about the training is that it is attention based. I have my dogs attention. I can trust that my dog is going to listen to me under any distractions. The quality of life we share is so much greater.

My dogs have freedom through obedience and yours can to.

Ryan Obrien Caring Angels.jpg

Ryan O'Brien Evaluator & Trainer

I love working with animals. I grew up with dogs and now have 3 of my own. I might not be able to speak to them but we understand each other and have the best relationship.

What made me become a dog trainer was the bond that I have with my dogs.

I want every dog owner to experience that blissful feeling and enjoy life with their furry friends as much as I do. I want people to be able to trust their dog, and for their dog to trust them.