Boulder, CO

We know that your dog is a part of your family. But being a part of the family means they are expected to be on their best behavior! That’s why we collaborate with you to help your dog become the most confident, positive, and obedient family member that they can be.

Our training programs range from minor dog obedience issues to severe aggressive behaviors. By offering puppy training beginning at just 8 weeks old, we get to know your dog and their unique needs. If your dog has already had prior training, we can always build on what they already know!

Our dog trainers are here to make you feel comfortable and satisfied with your dog’s training. We invite you to visit our 7400 square foot dog training & boarding facility just off the east side of I-25 and Route 119 in Firestone, CO. And, of course, feel free to contact us for a free dog training evaluation!


Sandy Brady Evaluator & Trainer

As the owner of the Sit Means Sit Longmont-Firestone location, my goal is to help clients enjoy their dogs and have the best possible relationship with them. My life has always been intertwined with dogs since I was a kid. My husband knew he was in trouble when my dad told me at age 18, “when you get your own house, you can have as many dogs as you want…”

I took that to heart, and have always owned multiple dogs of many different breeds and temperaments. My challenge dog came in the form of an American Bulldog, named Roxy, who at the age of two showed us what it’s like to own a dog with genetic based dog aggression. She was sweet as pie to any human, but would be happy to “eat” any dog, especially other females. I was at the crossroads of “do I get rid of this dog?” Or do I “train her?” I met the owner of one of the other SMS locations who also owned an American Bulldog and introduced me to the training style of Sit Means Sit. Immediately, I reached a new level of communication with my dog, and was able to give her a happy, busy life with us for 11 years. She was able to hike, swim, travel & live a pretty normal life for an aggressive dog.

After opening my eyes to the success of Sit Means Sit, I eventually became a certified SMS trainer & eventually a franchise owner. I still own multiple dogs and am able to enjoy many different activities with 4 well trained dogs. I presently own a 3 year old Belgian Malinois, named Neo, a 7 year old Boxer, named Petey, a 5 year old Boxer, named Penny, and a 7 year old Jack Russell/ Border Collie mix named Phlash.

I am able to compete in Dock Dogs, Flyball, and the K-9 Caring Angels Therapy Dog Team, giving all my dogs a job and activities that they enjoy. Personally, I can always have a friend to hike or swim with and enjoy a well behaved companion.