Fairfield, CT & Westchester, NY

Sit Means Sit CT provides in home dog training to Fairfield and Westchester Counties. With hundreds of happy, obedient dogs and hundreds of happy, satisfied owners.

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Neil Cohen Trainer & Evaluator

Hello! I’m Neil Cohen, owner of Sit Means Sit Fairfield (covering western Connecticut and Westchester County, N.Y.) and co-owner of Sit Means Sit Miami (our new franchise in South Florida).

Like many in the Sit Means Sit family, I first came to the company as a dog owner seeking help with a “challenging” pet. At the time, I was hours from the nearest Sit Means Sit training center, so I learned what I could from videos and with guidance from Sit Means Sit trainers across the country.

I’d been a successful marketing consultant for years, but after a Sit Means Sit franchise opened less than an hour’s drive from my home, I took a part-time position there to enhance my training skills and help other dog owners reach their goals.

Later, when the franchisee told me he was moving to Los Angeles, I asked about taking over the business. I sold my share of a marketing firm to my ex-partner, bought Sit Means Sit Fairfield, got fully certified as a dog trainer—and couldn’t be happier. (Indeed, a change in my personal life, combined with my love of everything dogs, made it one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve ever made!) Now, only a few years later, I’m thrilled to open Sit Means Sit Miami with two of the best trainers in the field.

Sit Means Sit’s unique approach to training, combined with the most innovative training collar on the market, make success simple. My education started by moving to Nevada and logging over 200 hours of hands-on training, working at the Sit Means Sit Headquarters in Las Vegas and the Henderson Animal Shelter. Additionally, each year I spend over 80 hrs on continuing education with some of the best trainers and educators in the world.

When I’m not training other people’s dogs, I spend time with my two kids and work with my three pooches, Cody (an nine-year-old boxer), Sarge (a four-year-old cattle dog) and Pepper (a two-year-old border collie). I’d love to show you how well they’ve taken to the Sit Means Sit program—and how your dog will too!