Rhode Island

Whether you’re looking for assistance with basic dog obedience training or require a higher level program, such as aggressive dog training or off-leash control around distractions, we realize that training programs and methods are not one-size-fits-all.

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Maggie McDonald Evaluator & Trainer

Maggie McDonald is the Head Trainer and Owner of Sit Means Sit Rhode Island.

After many years in the social work and events business, she decided to go in to business for herself. After researching many different business opportunities, she decided to open a Sit Means Sit franchise in Rhode Island.

In the end, owning a dog training business allows her to use her social work and event planning skills every day to do something she loves!

She is known in RI as the dog trainer for aggressive dogs as well as dogs in need of general obedience and manners. She works with a wide variety of dogs from Bully breeds, Mastiffs, Shepards, to Labradors, Poodles and MinPins. There is no dog that Maggie will not work with.

She wakes every day knowing that she is helping people in difficult situations by improving their dog’s obedience or resolving anxiety or aggression issues. She has proven that she has found her calling and would love to help you with your dog!

She is also a PetTech instructor for Pet CPR and first aid.