Riverside, CA

At Sit Means Sit South Orange County, our passion is to develop the relationship between dogs and their families, to allow the most freedom and safety for the dogs and the most peace of mind for the people. We specialize in behavioral challenges such as aggressive dogs, separation anxiety, fear and submission issues, leash reactivity, and high-energy puppies. Our lifetime warranty gives you the certainty that we will meet your dog training goals and our training is guaranteed for the life of your pup!

There’s no dog Sit Means Sit can’t train, from a 2-pound Chihuahua to 180-pound Mastiff. We offer dog training classes and programs that fit any and all dogs…no matter the breed, age, size or personality, we have you covered!


Mackenzie Aeberli Trainer & Evaluator

Mackenzie competed in her first dog show when she was 6 years old. Since then she has made a career out of her passion for training dogs.

She has competed dogs in AKC confirmation, agility, Dockdogs and Mondioring. In addition, Mackenzie has demonstrated at police and military seminars around the country, trained and sold K9s to police departments and placed personal protection dogs in private businesses and homes.

Mackenzie has been involved with Sit Means Sit for over 8 years and loves to give people the opportunity to have a better quality of life with their dog!