Our Board of Directors

Sonny Madsen, President and Founder of K-9 Caring Angels


Master Certified Dog Trainer and Owner Operator of the Northern Virginia franchise, And Founder of K-9 Caring Angels Therapy and Service Dogs. An award winning manager and public speaker with an emphasis on sales, training and motivation, I have always felt an internal drive to help people improve their lives.

It is through K-9 Caring Angels that my dreams have started to become a realization. I have the honor of training and certifying our Caring Angles therapy teams which allows us to expand on giving back to the community by taking our pups into different organizations, and teaching dog safety programs. This has allowed us to assist local schools, underprivileged children, toys for tots, nursing homes, juvenile detention centers , local police, fire department, domestic violence programs, human trafficking prevention, counseling organizations, etc.

My ultimate goal is to build the “Warrior Angels project” where families can come to a private facility and stay on location as they learn the proper way to integrate a Service dog into their lives. By offering this option we set the family and the dogs up for optimum success. Statistic show that at least 22 soldiers a day commit suicide and over 40% of those are due to PTSD. I know that we we make a difference, one dog at a time, I’ve seen that first hand. However the objective is that one day we will not be needed.

571-284-9554    sonny.CaringAngels@gmail.com

Ted Madsen, Vice President: K-9 Caring Angels


Ted Madsen is a professional dog trainer and business owner and the Vice President of K-9 Caring Angels. K-9 Caring Angels is a 501(c)(3) organization doing business as Caring Angels and Warrior’s Angels based in Northern Virginia. As a professional dog trainer and partner in Sit Means Sit Dog Training of Northern Virginia, Ted spends his days working on the business and with dogs and their humans to build stronger bonds and confident, obedient, and happy dogs (and owners). Ted joined his wife Sonny in starting Caring Angels Therapy dogs to give back to the community that has given so much to us and the Warrior’s Angels Service Dogs to help our soldiers and veterans by donating psychiatric service dogs to those with challenges like PTSD and doing our part for those that have given so much to us as Americans.

Before becoming a dog trainer, Ted worked in the corporate world as an executive in the travel and tourism industry with Hilton, Wyndham and Resort Condominiums International (RCI) into 2008 when the economy crashed and the travel and tourism industry faced unfamiliar challenges. Ted then founded Quintessential Consulting Group, a partnership designed to help businesses in the industry through the changing landscape. It was in 2010 that Sonny came to Ted with the idea of starting a dog training business after meeting with the founder of Sit Means Sit, Fred Hassen, in Las Vegas, NV. She thought he would think it was a crazy idea but his support and her drive made it happen and the same is true for K-9 Caring Angels. In 2012 Ted closed up his consulting business to train full time.

703-679-8556    Ted.SitMeansSit@gmail.com


Angela Moxley – Trainer


A natural born dog trainer who came to Northern Virginia by way of Wisconsin in 2015, Angela worked as a professional trainer for Sit Means Sit dog training. There she first trained her own dog, a small Shih Tzu named Avicci, for her daughter. After experiencing the pride of her own dog receiving the Canine Good Citizen Certification from the AKC, she joined The Caring Angel’s Therapy Team. Using her dog to teach dog safety in elementary schools and making appearances in nursing homes and hospitals, Avicci’s love spread happiness to everyone everywhere she went, even other dogs can’t resist her charm!

“Caring Angel’s and the Warrior Angel’s project are a fantastic organization they share the love and affection of therapy dogs, and train and donate dogs to our soldiers and others who are in need.I have witnessed first hand the way a well trained dog can change someones life for the better and she is proud to be a part of it.”

-Angela Moxley


Gary W. Davis CPA. – Accountant


Gary W. Davis is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) specializing in providing growing businesses the accounting and business strategy and hands-on assistance necessary to succeed.

As a business owner and a CPA for almost 30 years, we know the challenges of operating a company, keeping an eye on growth and profitability and how important accurate information is to the business.

Our mission is to provide the accounting expertise and practical business knowledge a business owner needs to operate efficiently, according to regulations and in a manner that aligns with the business owners’ goals.

Our client philosophy is to advise every client with the highest professional standards standards and personal dedication to delivering information and support, guidance and practical advice.  It involves honest, proactive communication and responsiveness that we, ourselves value in a business relationship.


Stephanie Shane – Veterinary Physician


Stephanie Shane, DVM has been a practicing veterinarian since graduating from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994. She is the current owner and Medical Director of Staples Mill Animal Hospital in Woodbridge, Virginia. She is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners. She is a Fear Free Certified doctor and is committed to providing the best experience for her patience while they are in her care.

703-897-0100    Dr.Shane@Staplesmillvet.com

Michael Shane – Veterinary Physician


Michael Shane, CVPM has over 16 years of Veterinary Practice Management experience. He received his Bachelor of Science in Management Science from Virginia Tech in 1987. He spent the first 12 years of his career developing Management Information Systems for most of the major pharmaceutical companies. In 1999 he and his wife, Dr. Stephanie Shane opened their first animal hospital in Northern Virginia. After selling that practice, they both opened Staples Mill Animal Hospital and are happy they
are now in their dream practice on a full-time basis.

703-897-3545    michael.Shane@Staplesmillvet.com

Beth Sloane – Head of Fundraising


My name is Beth Sloane and I am a full time elementary school teacher, mother of 4 children, 5 cats, and an amazing therapy dog, Kuzi. Kuzi and I have been members of the Caring Angels Therapy Team for a little over a year. Our journey began with basic obedience training with Sit Means Sit. Kuzi’s eagerness to please and sweet disposition lead us to further our training to become a therapy team. In 2017 I stepped up to volunteered to head up the fundraising division of the K-9 Caring Angels. When were not brain storming on fundraising ideals Kuzi and I visit schools, libraries, assisted living facilities, and anywhere in the community our services are needed. It is a blessing to be able to share her tenderness and love with others. She brings light to the faces of those who meet her. From a simple outstretched paw to her head on a lap, Kuzi touches the hearts of those around her.

Lynn Ritter – Secretary



703-634-3135     lynn.CaringAngels@gmail.com

Kenneth Vierra – Handler and Liason


By profession Kenneth Vierra has been an Oceanographer for the past 36 years. Ken is also an American Red Cross Instructor and Instructor Trainer as well as an Assistant Scuba Instructor. As a Scuba Diver Ken has had the opportunity to dive around the world with hundreds of Hammerhead Sharks, Great White Sharks and other sea life; as well as dive on World War II Shipwrecks and see / experience the underwater world very few have seen.

In 2013 Kenneth Vierra acquired his four-legged fur-baby Keeshond, named Nikita, born in Charlottesville, VA. Together, Nikita and Ken quickly started down the path of training as a Therapy Dog team. At 9 months old Nikita began obedience training with the team. Nikita Graduated as a Therapy Dog / Advanced Canine Good Citizen on September 14, 2014. Ken and Nikita work as a team providing care and comfort to children and adults. Nikita is truly a teddy bear in the form of a loving Keeshond that longs and loves to have adults and children pet her.

Ken continues helping in the Community as a Therapy Dog Team member with Nikita. Ken utilizes his background, experience and connections to provide new and exciting visitation opportunities for the Caring Angels Organization. As one of Caring Angels Handler’s, Ken provides Therapy Dog outreach by facilitating unique events and being a Liason for the Caring Angel Therapy Dog program opportunities within the community.

Ken is actively involved in working with organizations to raise funds for the Caring Angel Therapy Dog Organization Warrior Angel Project which provides Service Dogs for Veterans and Children with special needs.

Ken as Nikita’s handler continued her training and she became an Arch Angel in June 2017. The Arch Angels in the Caring Angel Therapy Dog Organization are truly the Elite Therapy Dogs. Handler and dog are a team, and as such they must be able to show complete control both on and off leash, in any situation. They train and test together so both handlers and canine companions are experts equally. The Arch Angel teams have gone above and beyond in serving our communities, often times creating unique or specialized programs for organizations in need.

Ken is fortunate to have a canine like Nikita as she truly exemplifies the qualities that Caring Angel Therapy Dogs represent; and both Ken and Nikita continue their journey as both work towards helping those in the Community as Therapy Dog Handler and Canine Ambassadors.